What is your attitude towards cosplay? Love or no feeling

What is your attitude towards cosplay? Love or not feeling emmmm, my words are still very fond of Cosplay, have their own favorite characters will cos to go to the exhibition, and some cosers combined to meet.

What is your attitude towards cosplay

Cosplay, as a derivative of the second-element culture, is already very famous in the circle. After so many years of development, it has formed an industrial line, which is very complete. For those who like it, they will be willing to spend a lot of money for their favorite character cos. For example, clothing, props and the like are more expensive. To do so much is just to restore a character. It is not true love. For those who don’t understand this circle, it is to see a group of people wearing strange costumes posing differently. I used to ask cos to be questioned by relatives who don’t understand this.

What is your attitude towards cosplay

I like anime myself, so I will love the house and Utopia like things derived from animation, such as Cosplay. Most of them love to watch anime, and they have a good impression on the second yuan. I believe that Cosplay also has an attitude of approval. For us, it is the restoration of the character, satisfying the fantasy of three yuan. For the layman, this is just the carnival of our group of people. The domestic cos circle is rather confusing, and the development is far from the maturity of Japan. Therefore, there have been many problems of large and small, and it has become more and more unspeakable. As a result, many people think that the cos circle is chaotic and not pure. This kind of remarks has led to a decline in passers-by, and I think that Cosplay is a savage beast.

What is your attitude towards cosplay

Although it is undeniable that this phenomenon does exist in the circle, I believe that the vast majority are still good. Every time I went to the exhibition, I saw that the dedicated cosers were wrapped in a bear on the hot day in order to restore the character perfectly. I felt that this bowl of rice was not affordable for everyone. I believe that this circle has more people who love Cosplay, and continue to polish the people who like it for their favorite characters. The world of the second element is virtual after all. Through Cosplay’s method, he is short-lived in the free time world. It is also very good to think about it.

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